A new chapter

And so begins Chapter Three in my life. After a 15 year spell in the antipodes, the boy from Birmingham now finds himself in Singapore, at least for the foreseeable future.

It seems only appropriate, therefore, that I resume blogging (after the lull during my European sojourn) with a post from the Straits Times which reports on the latest garbage to emanate from the Burmese ruling junta. Apparently, Suu Kyi has been plotting a coup and this is why she isn’t about to be released any time soon. Yeah right. The Straits Times report cites an AFP/AP source but uses the name Myanmar rather than Burma which gets up my nose a little. Not being in this part of the world for a while I’d forgotten about this particular practice. The political history of Burma is not my strong suit, but I do know that it was the military authorities in Burma that promoted the name change to Myanmar in the late 1980s, not a democratically elected government.