Americans’ Concerns About Climate Change Continue to Drop

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With the election of Barack Obama, I was confident that, at long last, there would be a change for the better in US policy on the environment. Indeed, compared to the Bush administration, there has been a significant change in policy stance but it seems, however, that rather than change public perceptions about the dangers of climate change, the zeitgeist is moving in the opposite direction. Gallup poll results published last week show a worrying trend, and a sign, perhaps, that the power of vested interests are not to be under-estimated. The bad publicity over the so-called climategate fiasco has clearly added wind to the sails of the climate change skeptics, even though this affair was a major beat up (the facts not getting in the way of a good story). Nevertheless, it might be time for the Obama administration to crank up its environmental education machine a notch or two. It can’t rely solely on Bill Maher.