An orange revolution?

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Just read a very good piece by Andrew Harding on the BBC web site documenting his observations of the events unfurling in Burma. The accompanying video clip also provides a vivid account of how miserable life is under this military dictatorship. The key question is how thick-skinned the generals are, cocooned in their custom-built capital several hours drive north of Rangoon. The refusal of the monks to take alms from the government is tantamount to “excommunication” and — theoretically at least — should make them feel very uncomfortable. There are around 400,000 monks in Burma and if they all join the demonstrations, and more people gain the courage to come out and support them, there will be pressure on the army to deserts the generals, and then the situation will become untenable. In the meantime, the regime continues in its efforts to manipulate things; the media publishing no images of the demonstrations showing, instead, staged pictures of generals giving lavish gifts to monasteries.