Another kick in the guts for Kyoto?

The Guardian reports today in an article entitled, Bush’s pollution charter, that the US Government ‘plans to open a huge loophole in America’s air pollution laws, allowing an estimated 17,000 outdated power stations and factories to increase their carbon emissions with impunity’.

The changes to regulations are still in draft form but as the energy companies are large contributors to Republican Party coffers and with a Presidential election next year, the prognosis is not good. In the New York Times, the story doesn’t rank among the lead headlines, but an article in the science section, Draft of air rule is said to exempt many old plants, states that, Marianne Horinko, the acting administrator of the Environmental Protection Agency, would probably sign the rule before Labor Day. It would go into effect shortly thereafter, without further review or public comment.’ Well, when you’re a newly resurgent global hegemon, and you’ve got people focusing on suicide bombers and the problem of postwar Iraq, who’s going to give a shit about the health of the planet?