Anzac Day 2006

anzac 019.jpg
Kranji War Memorial Cemetery, Singapore

On Tuesday, before dawn, I made my way to Kranji cemetry once again to pay respects to the war dead. I always find this a very humbling and moving experience, but at the same time very annoying. I’ve blogged about this before, so I won’t go over old ground in detail, but it was a repeat performance of last year. The priest and the Australian High Commissioner seemed to go through the motions, while the Turkish Ambassador stole the show with his moving rendition of Kemal Ataturk’s poem now inscribed on a memorial at ANZAC Cove. Most surprising was the Australian High Commissioner’s failure to mention the Australians that have been killed in Iraq. The fact there is only a small number (two according to the latest Iraq Coalition Casualty count) is hardly an excuse. All the other conflicts in which Austalians have been involved since Gallipoli were mentioned except this one. Maybe it was too politically sensitive for him to mention. Anyway, I plan to write to him to ask why. Watch this space.