Business and Aids

I spent part of this morning reading through the Financial Times Supplement on Business and Aids.

Published on November 28 to coincide with World Aids Day, this document examines how HIV/Aids is affecting corporate behaviour and highlights best practice. It is well worth reading and would be a useful background reader for courses focusing on corporate social responsibility. While this provides a glimmer of hope, I continue to be appalled by the lack of concern being shown by world leaders. The extra funding promised by George Bush earlier this year was accompanied by much fanfare (an increase of US$5 billion over 5 years), this is still a drop in the ocean — US$15 billion over 5 years (or US$3 billion per year). The financial contribution from the EU is equally pitiful. To put these figures into perspective, consider the US military budget for the fiscal year 2004: a cool US $401 billion — an increase of 8 billion dollars over current levels.