Climate change sceptic turns to prayer

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History will judge John Howard as the Australian Prime Minister who fiddled while his country burned. With the exception of the very principled stance he took when he exerted his authority to change Australia’s gun laws following the Port Arthur massacre in Tasmania (something no US President would have the balls to do despite the plethora of school shootings in recent times), Howard has shied away from hard decisions throughout his tenure, opting instead for short term electoral gain. This sunburnt country-continent has been contending with drought ever since white settlement, as farmers have attempted to transfer their European farming practices to an environment that simply isn’t suited to such activities in the long term. In the early days, it didn’t matter because water and land were in abundance, and when one source dried up, there was always another to tap into. With the onset of climate change, aided and abetted by recalcitrant governments like Howard’s, the situation has just got a whole lot worse. The tragedy is, that this government has been producing budget surplus after budget surplus, and rather than seize the opportunity to restructure the Australian economy away from its reliance on fossil fuels and an ecologically unsound farm sector, it has given tax cuts to its ‘fat cat’ mates instead. And John Howard’s solution to this imbroglio? We must all get down on our knees and pray for rain. Very strategic John … especially as the number of Christians in Australia is at an all-time low.