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When it come to the outsourcing of the soul, hot on the heels of lawyers and tabloid journalists are PR executives. I’m generalising, of course, as I’m sure PR companies can count some really nice people among their ranks … in fact, I work with some, hence the inclusion of this caveat … 🙂 However, the RealClimate blog explains why I am making this assertion with a classic illustration of the extent some people will go to in order to make a buck. I just hope that the people who made these two video clips will reflect on their work in later years as representing one of the low points of their careers. One just beggars belief, the other gives the appearance of being objective, but misuses the journal articles it uses (see the comments in the RealClimate blog). The sponsor of these ads (which go air in 14 US cities between 18-28 May) is the Competitive Enterprise Institute, and what a fine, upstanding community organisation it is too!