Energy alternatives

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According to Amory Lovins, who appears on BBCWorld’s HardTalk this week, nuclear power has “died of an incurable attack of market forces”. Finally a voice of reason among the increasing number of ‘born-again greens’ who think nuclear power is the escape route from global warming. Quite aside from the dangers associated with nuclear power (especially in the wrong hands), it simply doesn’t make economic sense. The only reason is still exists today is that governments subsidise it to such a large extent. Then there is the question of the amount of greenhouse gas that is produced in the mining and milling of uranium, the construction and decommissioning of nuclear power stations, and the transportation and management of waste. So, nice one Ames! The programme (23 minutes) is well worth watching and Lovins is in scintillating form as usual. You just need RealPlayer on your machine.