‘General geostrategic gormlessness’

A thoroughly good read is to be had in The Guardian today. Simon Tisdall in his article, What Europe has to do to avoid becoming a US vassal, ponders the future for the EU (and the UN) in the wake of the reassertion of US hegemony.

Tisdall makes the point that, collectively, the EU can mount a challenge, but that a ‘general geostrategic gormlessness’ pervades. I shall be using this phrase all week (with due acknowledgement to Tisdall), but as I’ve noted in this blog before, it is only a matter of time before we see the emergence of a genuine multipolarity. IMHO, the US in living on borrowed time in Europe. It’s used up all the good will that was built up post-Marshall Plan, and I think that, notwithstanding the Blair project, this whole sorry episode in Iraq will provide the impetus for the EU to become a lot ‘deeper’ as well as ‘wider’.