Getting my head around cPanel

So I sat through a recording of the second ‘call-in show’ for Connected Courses last night.

This was the one I was waiting for to be honest. I am a fairly proficient WordPress user (albeit a dotcommer rather than a dotorger), and much of the first half of the show that focused on the functionality of WordPress I was comfortable with. The critical information I’m after is how to set up the ‘mother ship’ — so to speak — so that I can create courses in a Levinesque way with Groomlike confidence.

I dug deep into my inner nerd, and clung to their every syllable, pausing and rewinding on a number of occasions, but I still haven’t quite cracked it.

If any of you #ccourses folk out there can help plug gaps and provide sage advice, it would be much appreciated.

Computer nerdSo here’s what I know …

  1. I know I need a web host. I used to have one for my website years ago, but then I found WordPress could do everything and more, so I simply pointed my domain name at
  2. Once I have got myself some space with a web host, I think I then need to go to and do an installation.
  3. I think I also need to choose a web host that has a cPanel licence

Equipped with this basic infrastructure, I think I can then go and tinker and experiment and see what comes out the other end.

Any major oversights here? Some hot tips perhaps from @jimgroom or @cogdog ?