Hamilton sticks the boot in on Flannery

Image source: usyd.edu.au

After publicly criticising Tim Flannery a couple of years ago for playing into the Howard goverment’s hands with his “advocacy of do-nothing green consumerism” and his pro-nuclear stance, Clive Hamilton has really upped the ante today with an article in Crikey entitled: Flip-flop Flannery is a climate change opportunist. A “talented science populariser can be a policy flake” says Hamilton, as he casts aspersions on the coherence of Flannery’s views. While it is probably true that Flannery has been cosying up to the those on the right of Australian politics a little more than is conscionable given their record on climate change and the environment more generally, flicking through my copy of The Weather Makers, I don’t think he can be accused of not arguing for government intervention. Having said this, if Hamilton’s broadside does anything, it should at least cause Flannery to come out and state his position more clearly.

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