Nude emperors

So I signed up for Connected Courses.

It may reboot one of my blogs — if nothing else — which have become increasingly neglected as I have become more of a microblogger these days.

Amazingly, I just sat and watched a YouTube without shuffling in my seat for one hour and six minutes courtesy of Jim Groom, Howard Rheingold, and Alan Levine. (I even smiled at their blokey in-jokes.) Seriously, though, these guys need to be taken seriously. I will stick this course out if it kills me because there has to be more to life as a university learner than the ‘LMS’, and I’m confident these guys have the answers.

If I can learn how to deliver high quality courses in an engaging, creative and inexpensive way, that frees my institution of the albatross around its neck that is BlackBoard, I will be one happy little vegemite. There is no doubt in my mind that the LMS has become an anachronism, but to hint that the emperor is wearing no clothes — at this stage, anyway — is unlikely to win any popularity contest.