Soros in Singapore (part 2)

To my amazement, AsiaOne (Singapore Press Holdings) ran an AP report today on Soros’ comments about the lack of openness in Singapore society. An article entitled ‘S’pore not an open society, argues George Soros’ also made p. 7 of the ‘Home’ section in the Straits Times (albeit minus the names of opposition MPs who have been bankrupted through law suits). The ST piece also reported that: ‘Responding to Mr Soros’ comments on Singapore, a spokesman for the Ministry of Information, Communications and the Arts said: “If we are not an open society, George Soros would hardly be able to make the comments at an open forum in Singapore, and be reported in the Singapore media.”

So maybe Tommy Koh is right! A Singaporean friend of mine was not convinced. His comment was “What if you are a Singaporean/Malaysian and you said the same things. What would be the repercussions?” I don’t suppose there will be too many people lining up to test this one, unless the Government were to take steps to actively encourage it of course.