The inevitability of online education

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In the Chronicle of Higher Education this week, Margaret Brooks writes an ’emperor-has-no-clothes’ piece on what she refers to as the ‘excellent inevitability of online courses’. Says Brooks:

Within our lifetimes, technology has fundamentally changed the way we get the news, make purchases, and communicate with others. The Internet provides a platform for learning about and interacting with the world. It should be no surprise that students line up for courses that make the best use of technologies that are so integral to their lives. It’s not just the economy. It’s not just the convenience. It’s the integration of technology within society that’s driving the development of online courses. [emphasis added]

Dismissing the arguments of those who oppose online education or who make pleas for equal treatment with F2F, Brooks opines that people should stop apologising for online education and goes on to provide eight good reasons why. In the process, she mounts an excellent case for authentic learning. Go and ask any digital native.

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