The spoils of war

President Bush described the Australian PM as ‘a man of courage’ to the assembled media last week, as he publicly thanked John Howard for his support during the Iraq War.

Meanwhile, amid all the back-slapping, poor old Jean Chretien, the Canadian PM (and member of the coalition of the unwilling), was being given the proverbial cold shoulder by George W. who cancelled a state visit to Canada because, according to the White House, he was ‘too busy’. Not too busy for his new buddy John Howard, it would seem, who has managed to jag a ‘fast-track’ route to a free trade agreement for Australia as reward for its war effort. This is likely to leave the Chileans a little bit miffed, as they were ahead of the Aussies in the queue before the War. But the Chileans do not have the benefit of a courageous leader. Chile has a seat in the UN Security Council, and it refused to cast its vote with the US on Iraq.I