The summer of 1976

When the Brits complain about the weather (a national pastime) many people make reference to the glorious summer of 1976, the bench mark to which all decent summers must be compared. There were 15 consecutive days of temperatures above 32 degrees in this particular year, with a top temp of 35.9 degrees. Yesterday this paled into insignificance in the UK as the highest temperature ever was recorded at Gravesend, Kent, a sweltering 38.1 degrees.

Continental Europe, meanwhile, continues to experience temperatures in the 40s. While these weather patterns wouldn’t be too out of place in central Australia, one cannot help but reflect on the changing weather patterns we seem to be experiencing. In particular, governments would be well advised to consider the costs of these extreme weather conditions. To this end, Matt Prescott’s made reference to an interesting piece in The Guardian recently, that describes global warming as a weapon of mass destruction.