The Weather Makers

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The guy on the left prays to God for rain. The guy on the right explains why rain (or lack thereof) has got nothing to do with God and, using science, lays the blame firmly at the door of homo sapiens. Having recently finished reading his excellent book, The Weather Makers, Tim Flannery has now succeeded in making my ‘people I would most like to invite around for a BBQ’ list. I’m not sure this is an accolade that will compete with his recent ‘Australian of the Year’ gong, but listening to him, and reading his books, he seems like the type of bloke who wouldn’t turn down a veggieburger and cold one if it were offered at short notice. Apart from the fact he is a good bloke, he is also very clever and The Weather Makers should be compulsory reading for all people who care about the future their children will inherit. Please note deliberate non-reference to grandchildren here … yes, it’s that close … and yes, we are in deep do-do’s unless people like the bloke on the left don’t get their heads out of the sand. We are the weather makers and the evidence is on our TV sets right now with record floods in the UK and China, heat waves in Greece, and drought in Australia.