The worm has turned

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Long viewed as the dirtiest and dastardliest corporation on earth by the environmental movement, Exxon is a company that has made a virtue out of not caring a damn about its social and environmental responsibility. Its stance, in simple terms, has always been if we are making mega-profits and and we have high returns for our shareholders, why change a ‘winning formula’? Then the most stunning thing happened a week or so ago. Exxon, it seems, is starting to get twitchy about climate change. When President Oil himself is turning green and talking about growing corn for ethanol and reducing oil consumption, maybe it’s time to admit that global warming does exist and that your company is going to do something about it (…well, at least stop funding the front organisations that put out disinformation on global warmng!) An article published in the Wall Street Journal recently reveals the gory details (thanks to Susisusonne for this lead)