Tipping points

According to The Guardian this week, (Global meltdown: scientists isolate areas most at risk of climate change), nine tipping points (points of no return) have been identified by scientists in the Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences, and the time expected for the transitions. These are:

*Melting of Arctic sea-ice (approx 10 years)
*Decay of the Greenland ice sheet (more than 300 years)
*Collapse of the West Antarctic ice sheet (more than 300 years)
*Collapse of the Atlantic thermohaline circulation (approx 100 years)
*Increase in the El Nino Southern Oscillation (approx 100 years)
*Collapse of the Indian summer monsoon (approx 1 year)
*Greening of the Sahara/Sahel and disruption of the West African monsoon (approx 10 years)
*Dieback of the Amazon rainforest (approx 50 years)
*Dieback of the Boreal Forest (approx 50 years)

Also see here for the graphic. I used to worry for my grandchildren. Now there is a fairly high probability that I will experience the more severe effects of climate change at first hand.