Why is the world’s biggest democracy silent on Suu Kyi?

Image source: http://politicalseance101.com

An article by Joan Smith in The Independent yesterday entitled: It’s time India spoke up for Suu Kyi will certainly have resonated with a few people, especially after the resounding victory for the Congress Party. The election of this left-of-center, but business friendly party — if today’s huge stock market rally is anything to go by — means that for the first time in more than three decades there is a strong, stable government committed to secular values. India is no longer a small player within the international political economy, and a sign of the country truly coming of age would be if it were to take a strong stance on this latest fiasco in Burma where the military junta appears intent on sending Aung San Suu Kyi to jail because of the actions of some idiotic American tourist. India could certainly put pressure on China if it were occupy the high moral ground at this time.

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